The Green Monster Isn’t Just In Beantown

Not to toot my own horn, but this morning I made a fabulous smoothie in my Magic Bullet. First of all, I have a not-so-secret love affair with my Magic Bullet.  I make EVERYTHING in it from pasta sauce to my unrefried-refried beans, smoothies and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. But what I love most about the MB is that ice is its plaything, rendered totally powerless.  After many years of going through a million blenders that promise “ice crushing” and deliver “ice nudging”, the MB is where it’s at.  Ok, onto the recipe!

Fiterature’s Green Monster

1/2 cup non-fat milk (you can use soy or almond, too)

1/2 cup plain Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt

1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

1/4 banana

1 cup flash frozen spinach (I typically use fresh baby, but I was out and frozen worked great in a pinch. 3-4 cups if it’s fresh.)

5-6 cubes of ice

Nutrition Info: 246 Calories, 35g protein, 4g fiber


I adapted this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats Green Monster Spinach Smoothie. I was a bit leery about drinking spinach, but she swore you can’t taste it and it’s yummy.  So I tried it. And she was right! Then I discovered a whole Green Monster Movement!! Who woulda thunk it! 

Ok, why spinach?  Spinach is a great source of iron and beta-carotene, plus it contains B vitamins and omega-3s which give you energy, healthy hair & skin and fights off disease.  No wonder Popeye was so studly!!

So go crazy – try something new today like…liquified spinach! Or skydiving!  Or talking to the hottie in marketing! Or maybe just add a lemon slice to your water – WACKY!!!!!

Sidebar: The Green Monster in the post title was a baseball reference, for my sports-challenged friends.  Oh, and baseball is a team activity that involves a small white ball, 9 players and grown men throwing temper tantrums.

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