Thigh Will Be Done!

Fiterature: Your NEW Thigh Master!

Remember Suzanne Somers and the incredible Thigh Master? Well ladies and gentlemen, consider me your new master of thighs.  And butt. And hamstrings.  As promised, below is another video taken in my basement, ahem….at Fiterature Studios.

We are talkin’ about stationary lunges today!  Lunges are SUCH a great exercise because you can do them anywhere.  In line at Wal-Mart buying a staple remover?  Lunges.  Stuck in a hotel room because your boss made you go to that conference?  Lunges.  Watching a little college round ball at the bar?  Lunges.  With a beer in each hand.  Without spilling. (Ok, maybe that last one is stretching it a bit).

Lunges use your own body weight as resistance to strengthen the leg and gluteal muscles.  Specifically the quad and the hamstring muscles in the thigh, the gluteal muscles in the butt, and a little bit of the lower leg muscles.  You can hold hand weights for added resistance, but only once you master the correct form.

Start with 15 reps per leg, 3 sets.  You can increase weights and reps from there.  Add this to your bicep curls 2-3 times a week, and thigh (and arms) will be done! And by done, I mean ripped.  But you knew that.

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