Why We Take Memorial Day Off…

While you are scarfing down burgers and playing in the sunshine on a Monday, please take a moment (or 100) to remember why today is a holiday.  While I am blessed that all of the veterans in my family have returned home safely, I know there are many out there who did not.  For them, we remember.

Happy Memorial Day to all who serve and have served, including a few of my favorites (there are many more not included here – but I know who you are and love you!):

{Em Em Dub, US Army}


{Grandpa, US Army Air Corps}


{My Cuz Joe, US Navy. The greatest dad ever and husband to the little hottie below}


{My cousin Melissa, US Navy}


{My Dad-in-Law, Dancin’ Darrell (he takes his nickname very seriously), US Navy}

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