Fiterature’s List of Winter Running Clothes


Yesterday I ran four miles in six degree weather, and right this very second while you are reading this I am or already have run eight miles in 19 degree weather. It can be done people, so I don’t wanna hear it. Mkay thanks bye.

After reading the Washington Post article, “Dear people who run in the snow: What is your deal anyway?”, I was inspired to tell you why I run outside in the winter and how I run outside in the winter.


{Because they make me.}

Why I run outside in the winter | Because otherwise I will murder all of the people. This is not a threat – this is fact*. Running is my happy place. And if I do not run regularly, I get very unhappy and unhappiness, from what I hear when I ignore the news, leads to murder. Treadmills also lead to murder. It’s true, don’t look it up**. And if we are being honest here in the circle of trust, running miles in the fresh, cold, quiet air when everyone else is in bed or under florescent lighting makes me feel strong and able.

How I run outside in the winter | I go outside. I start running. Boom.

… Really, there’s more. I layer up with lots of very essential winter running gear, those of which I will share with you now. What to wear on a cold run doesn’t have to be harder than getting Jolly Rancher outta your molers – just start with the basics.

Fiterature’s List of Winter Running Clothes


 {Totes all wearing the same hat.}

1. Lululemon Run With Me Toque hat: FINALLY someone figured it out. My Lululemon winter running hat is really warm, soft and long enough to cover my entire ear – no more yanking it down every half mile. Also, the ponytail hole is PERFECTLY designed. I can throw my hair in a high bun or a low pony and it fits through every time without tugging. The days of trying to get my hair at the exact right height are over. Plus, when I let my hair down to sip a post-run coffee with the girls, the hat slouches in that hipster-cute way that life intended. Well done, Lulu. We are all slow clapping you outta the room.

saucony-ulti-mitt{This really happened.}

2. Saucony Ulti-Mitt gloves: It’s a glove. It’s a mitten. It’s thin. But it’s warm. There are tiny magnets on them so they will never get separated when I throw them behind the couch because of course that’s where gloves go. Saucony, I don’t know how you did it, butcha did. These winter gloves keep my fingers warm every single run. Plus, I can still take selfies every mile with the conductive finger pads.

athleta-winter-tight3. Lined running tights: I don’t care what you line my tights with: fleece, polyester, puppy ears or grandma’s hands—it has to be soft and it has to be warm. I have several different pairs, but my favorite pair of winter running pants is the Athleta Power Lift Tight. They are high-waisted, wicking and thick to keep all of the parts warm, dry and snug.


4. Neck warmer: I still have California blood apparently, because this Kansas City girl cannot have even an inch of skin exposed in the wintertime or she whines like a big baby. So my Seirus Ultra Clava always comes in handy because not only does it keep my neck warm (obviously), I can pull it over my head as a hood for really windy days or cover my face to taste my own snot which is always awesome.

flyte-long-sleeve5. Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve base layer: It’s all about dat base layer. The fabric that directly touches your skin on a cold run should keep you dry and be snug enough to layer over without restricting movement or rubbing in weird spots. The seamless Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve does all of these things, and it has thumbholes, is long in the torso and has super cute birds on it. Oh, and it’s hella soft and comes in a color called Pop which is less of a color and more of a carbonated beverage in Chicago but I’m getting off topic.

So now you have zero excuses to not run in the winter. Just don’t fall down on the ice like a dumb dumb. But when you do because it WILL happen at least twice, just laugh it off. I will be! (Laughing at you, I mean. That ish is hilarious.)

**As always, please use your own discretion when running in low temps. If you start to feel any pain with exposed skin, head inside. You don’t want to lose a cheek. Either pair.**


What winter running clothes do you not leave home without? 

Do you not agree that it is perfectly normal to laugh hysterically when someone that isn’t you falls down?

*This is not a fact.

**It’s false.

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