You Don’t Know Squat, Dumbbell!

So I was halfway through the 3rd round (OMGosh, the pain) of the 3 minute squat routine Tiny Bobby was instructing in Body Pump yesterday, when I happened to see some commotion to the left of me.  In the mirror I saw a woman bent soooo far forward and face so contorted that I swear she was about to lay an egg.  With her bangs plastered to her forehead, she made a grunting/sqeaky sound on the way up that was so passionate I think I blushed. “Lady”, I said.  “If I were blind, I would think you were REALLY enjoying yourself based solely on the noise that just came from your body.  But as luck would have it, I am not blind and I see that the noise is out of sheer pain.  These squats don’t have to be that hard.  All you have to do is straighten up and let your legs do the work.  Here let me show you.”  I showed her, then she hired me as her personal trainer on the spot and offered to pay me so much money that both Husband and I quit our day jobs on the spot. And bought a giraffe.

Okay, so that entire conversation took place in the long-running NBC sitcom that airs in my head.  It’s called “Hey Girl” and it’s taped before a live studio audience.

"Hey Girl"'s Opening Shot

Where was I?….

Right.  Since I can’t correct Bangs on how to do a squat right then and there, I can post the correct form here.  The squat set is my favorite because my legs burn the entire time, but feels SO strong when it’s over. Dumbbell squats are great because they work your entire lower body, especially your glutes and thighs.  But done right, and they can also work your core – otherwise known as your abs and lower back.

I recommend starting out doing 3 sets of 15 reps.  How much weight you hold depends on your fitness level, so start out light and work up from there.  And remember, body weight can be just as effective so don’t stress if holding a weight is too challenging.  Drop the weighs, drop the butt and you are good to go!!

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